Phoenix Street Art

Artwork by Francisco Garcia (@3nuf86)

I began my teaching career in downtown Phoenix.

Having grown up in “small town” Kansas, working in a large urban environment was an eye-opener. I honestly believe I learned more during my relatively short time in Phoenix, than I have in the twenty plus years I have been in Chandler. It certainly provided a plethora of memories and stories.

From time to time, I enjoy visiting my former teaching neighborhood. This weekend I headed downtown and spent about an hour, early in the morning, driving around — surveying the changes and taking in the ambiance. I am always fascinated how this area is divided into unique neighborhoods within the community at large. I love looking at the small shops and bodegas and seeing the unique houses and apartments.

During this trip, I was especially taken by the wide variety of street art. Some pieces provided large swatches of brilliant color to the cityscape. Others (like the featured image above) were not only beautiful, but provided a powerful and inspiring message.

Check out a few of the images. Unbelievable talent. I will return for more exploration and more photos.

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