Small Wins Whisper

cc photo by J. Delp — I took the photo, but do not condone carving on trees. I love trees.

I’m not sure about you, but lately, I have been challenged by the noise level in our world.

We are drowning in information and a lot of it is not uplifting.

COVID. Politics. A decline in civility. Social media. Pressures and requests from our jobs. Add in our own personal challenges and struggles (we all have them) and things can quickly go from tolerable to deafening.

If we aren’t careful, our volume tolerance rises and we begin to seek out the things that will keep the noise at the level to which we are accustomed. We scroll through our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feeds. Binge-watch a series on Netflix, or Apple T.V. (which is perfectly fine if it is Ted Lasso). We heap pity on ourselves (a personal demon). We begin to accept the negative as normal and dismiss the positive as an anomaly.

The din of our world — our daily life — can prevent us from hearing those things that might be an encouragement. The positive news. The things for which we should be grateful.

Challenges and setbacks shout. Small wins whisper.

You have to listen carefully to hear the small wins. Stay tuned-in.

Postscript: (1) this is not a novel idea. Ask Elijah. 1 Kings 19: 11-13 (2) I feel like a hypocrite writing this and want the reader to be aware that I am a struggling listener. If you struggle with this, I want you to know I am there with you.

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