The Garden

Keep your face always toward the sunshine — and shadows will fall behind you. – Walt Whitman

Today was the first day since the school closure that I have stepped completely away from work. No email (have I mentioned I’m not a fan), no school-related work, and no incessant phone notifications.

Instead, I wrote a blog post (it was about education, but I enjoy writing so it doesn’t count as work). I cleaned out the pool filters, spent time on the patio with Kosmo (my dog), made sugar water for the hummingbird feeder, went to Dutch Brothers with my girls (large OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda with cream, no whip), and spent time working in my garden.

My flower and vegetable garden has been a welcomed distraction over the past several months. I’ve enjoyed the little things about it — the way the cucumber and melon plants send out tendrils grasping for purchase, the bright colors and geometric patterns of flowers, and the busyness of the small squash bees collecting pollen (thanks to my cousin for helping with their identification).

The garden is a reminder from nature that even in the midst of our current calamity, life goes on, there is beauty in the world, and it is okay to slow down and soak in the details.

I’m tempted to put today on repeat, and do it all again tomorrow.

Take heart. Stay positive. Things will get better.