Momentary Escape

I have been trying to get out of Phoenix for some time. For the past couple of months, I have had plans of heading someplace cool, if only for a few hours. However, the school closure has kept me busy, and the coronavirus has kept me close to home. Each weekend, my plans fall by the wayside due to lack of motivation, low energy, or work.

Today, I awoke early — this has become an unintentional habit — hopped in my truck and traveled about two hours East on U.S. 60. I visited one of my favorite places in Arizona. There were trees, cool running water, steep canyon walls, cactus, and complete solitude.

As I waded through the stream, taking in the sights and sounds of my surroundings, I was struck by the importance of such momentary escapes.

We must not forget the world as it often is — indifferent, malevolent, violent, hateful, sinful, and broken. But, we must always remember what God designed it to be — beautiful, loving, merciful, peaceful, just, and whole. That is the standard for which we must strive.